Size Guide

General Rules to Measure Your Pet for a Perfect Fit 

With the wide variety of accessories available for pets, a proper fit is especially important for dogs and cats.  Individual dogs/cats vary in size and physique. There is a lot of variation in size, so choosing your size based on a list of breeds is not a very accurate method either, so such lists should only be taken as a suggestion, not a true guideline. The only truly accurate way to choose the right size for your pet is to use your dog or cats actual measurements, that way your pet simply looks better and feels better in properly fitted accessories!

*Dog/Cat Collars* The general rule is to take your pets actual neck measurement and add two inches to get your collar size.  A properly fitting collar should allow you to slip two fingers easily underneath, between the collar and the pets neck. Even after he or she is full gown, be sure to check the fit of your cat or dog's collar periodically, as changes in weight, and even the growth of a heavier winter coat can affect the fit.

 If you follow all of these guidelines for measuring and choosing the proper sizes, you should be able to make the best possible choices for a comfortable fit, and soon you will have the Best-Dressed Best Friend on the block!


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